Visual Identity — Promotional material


Protokol is a new electronic music event in Klub Sirup. At these evenings you'll hear everything from techno, minimal and postdubstep to progressive and dub techno. Protokol is a new platform for young upcoming dj's. The idea behind the visual identity was to communicate that this 'new platform' is a platform that is both constant and changing. The venue is always the same, but the dj's are different. Hence, the triangle and typography are constant, but the visual inside the triangle changes with each event, in this case, designed each time by another upcoming young artist.

Poster for the 4th Protokol edition (Photography by Pliketi Plok)
Poster for the 3rd Protokol edition (Illustration by Jan Pavlović)
Poster for the 2nd Protokol edition (Illustration by Pavle Pavlović)
Poster for the 1st Protokol edition (Illustration by Jurica Marković)
Protokol badges
Protokol badges